We are a group of patriotic American Identitarians who have realized that we are descended from the great traditions, history, and people that flowed from Europe. We embrace the idea that our identities are central to who we are, and take pride in our history and rich cultural heritage. At a time when every other group is free to stand behind its identity, we choose to assert ours as well.

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America First – End Immigration

On Tuesday, December 5, Identity Evropa activists dropped a massive banner at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Measuring ten feet tall and nearly two-hundred feet wide, the banner calls for putting America first and ending immigration.

For far too long American institutions have been used to benefit the interests of a globalist elite, rather than our people. Over the past decades, this elite has relentlessly pushed for open borders and mass immigration. This endeavor is nothing more than an attempt to import a new people, who are seen as more politically malleable than Americans – particularly those of European descent.

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