Over the summer, Identity Evropa postered at dozens of public universities and public places in New York and New Jersey. Most notably, dozens of activists took part in our Defend Identity protest actions at the Mexican consulate in Manhattan and at Fort Tryon Park. We took a stand for the historical identity of the United States, and in retaliation, Governor Cuomo opened a probe into the usage of our posters and our undoubtedly peaceful activity in the region.

Make no mistake. Our view is, and the law is clear, that endeavors like this are petty attempts at political intimidation.

Identity Evropa activists have responded with a new wave of posters across New York, identifying Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attempt to silence and suppress our First Amendment rights to freely assemble and engage in political speech. Members throughout the state, from Long Island all the way to Rochester mobilized to let Governor Cuomo know that he will not silence us. While other ethnic groups can flourish without scrutiny, it is only European Americans which are routinely scrutinized and demonized for promoting the interests of their own nation and civilization.


European Americans are being replaced as a result of mass immigration and globalization. We stand in opposition and for the restoration of America. If you are ready to take a stand, join us by applying for membership or supporting our work.