Frequently Asked Questions

What is Identity Evropa?

Identity Evropa is a growing membership organization for European-Americans seeking to restore America.

What is the purpose of activism? Is activism mandatory?

Our activism is designed for cultural impact. The purpose of our activism is to create peaceful yet visual displays of defiance against mass immigration and globalization. Further, every well-crafted Identity Evropa activism campaign and social media post serves as a beacon for our supporters to become involved.

While activism is necessary in our broader effort, activism participation will always remain completely voluntary for each Member.

Does Identity Evropa have a presence in my particular area?

More than likely, yes. If you are interested in joining our nationwide community, then you should apply. Even if you are located far outside any metropolitan area, all Members are invited to large events multiple times per year.

What is the application process like?

Those interested in becoming Members can take the first step by visiting the Apply tab at the top of the homepage. We intend to respond within a week, although surges in applications after major events may delay this process. If the written application is approved, we will schedule the first video interview with the applicant. If successful, the applicant will become an Identity Evropa Pledge at the conclusion of this interview.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member?

Membership in Identity Evropa grants access to a nationwide network of nationalists and identitarians who have all passed our application process. Regardless of activism participation, Members recognize their home in a nationwide effort as well as their regional chapter with exclusive gatherings.

Additionally, Members will be invited to exclusive, national gatherings multiple times per year for camaraderie, fraternity, discussion, and voluntary activism outings. Other interest and volunteer groups exist to provide more to our network.

Are there costs associated with membership?

Members are expected to pay dues which help cover activism and operational expenses. Members have the option of supporting with either $10 per month, $55 per every 6 months, or $100 per year.

Is Identity Evropa a religious organization?

Identity Evropa is a secular organization. Members practice a diverse range of traditional European faiths, and many refrain from religion altogether. As identitarians, we value our shared European heritage and our role in the future of our nation.

Is Identity Evropa a supremacist organization?

We do not accept the advocacy of or participation in supremacy, violence, or illegal activity. The allegations against our organization are attempts to delegitimize identity for European-Americans, and are supported by neither a statement nor action from a current representative.

Can older people join?

Yes! Although many of our Members are young adults, there is no upper age limit for joining and we have Members from all age groups.

Can women join?

Absolutely! We have a number of active female Members in our organization.

Are other duties expected from Members?

Members are expected to pay dues, follow our guidelines, and generally stay in contact with the local chapter.