Identity Evropa activists in Pennsylvania pooled their resources to help the less fortunate in the community this Christmas.

A donation of food was collected from within the organization and driven to a nearby food pantry. Afterwards, Identity Evropa activists took to the streets of Philadelphia and distributed holiday cards to the homeless, each of which containing something to hopefully make the winter nights a little more bearable.

Public service is both noble and necessary. But when time comes to give, too often are poor Americans of European descent overlooked. Contrary to White privilege narratives promulgated by the Left, the only demographic with an increasing death rate in America is middle-age Whites without a college degree. Alarmingly, this phenomenon is rarely seen outside of war or famine.

As Identitarians, we consider our fellow European Americans to be family; thus, they should be looked after as such.

This small act of charity, and others performed by members of our organization this year, are merely the beginning of Identity Evropa’s mission to forge a better world for people of European heritage – our people.