Nathan Damigo

Today I am announcing my resignation and the promotion of our head organizer, Eli Mosley, to CEO of Identity Evropa.

When I began this project I knew that something must be done, but also knew that what was to be done would take decades of slow and steady building with the help and support of hundreds, and perhaps thousands of individuals over time. Low time preference would be key, in addition to completely new symbols, gestures and language. This new organization would not simply be a fan club of my own personality, but a collection of highly functional and well-adjusted individuals with agency. Every member of our collective would share the same vision, operate in the real world, and be capable of competent leadership. I am proud to say that Identity Evropa has achieved this goal.

There are many challenges ahead. The collective corporate assault on identitarian activists has left us without numerous platforms. Many people see this as a major success, but they have overwhelmingly miscalculated. Already there are serious efforts underway to create alternatives to companies like Cloudflare, Slack/Discord, PayPal, and YouTube, not to mention discussion of new domain hosting platforms and even community banks. The cat is out of the bag, and there is now an elite army of competent individuals networking to overthrow the old order.

For those of my supporters, and detractors, I am not hurting financially and my family has not disowned me or withdrawn their support. My announcement comes on the heels of months of serious contemplation regarding proper priorities in my personal life. My ability to complete college, in addition to family and relationship duties, among other things, have been greatly hindered by my activities and sacrifice to our cause and it is now time for me to turn inward for a time to achieve a proper balance. I have accomplished what I have set out to do and created a platform for those seeking to build bonds with others on both the local and national level. It is time for others to take over what we have built and breathe their own spirit into its future development.

My successor, Eli Mosley, is one of the most competent and capable men in this movement. He has displayed an extraordinary amount of agency, and his judgment and vision have always been completely in line with that of my own. He has worked by my side tirelessly since joining our organization, and his talent was spotted and utilized immediately. I not only fully endorse his leadership, but also believe that he will surpass and overshadow what I have managed to accomplish over the last several years.

We have lit a beautiful fire that is engulfing the Western world. The existence of our people is not negotiable, and a new order is now emerging as the old paradigm spasms and flails under the weight of its own contradictions. I will continue to fight with every inch of my body in whatever capacity I can. It is now other’s turn to lead our people towards their destiny in the stars.

Acceptance of Leadership

Eli Mosley

I, Eli Mosley, accept the role of CEO for Identity Evropa and all associated responsibilities. I’d like to thank Nathan Damigo for his service to this movement, our people and for founding this incredible organization. Through his leadership and guidance Identity Evropa has become the premier identitarian membership group in the country, and I fully intend to take that success to the next level. In the time I have known him, he has been a true friend and mentor. We’ll honor his service to our people by building on the foundations that he started.

When I joined Identity Evropa last year I did so because of the level of professionalism, intelligence and discipline displayed by its members. The next step in building our movement was real world activism and I’ve been blown away with Identity Evropa’s ability to shape the tone of that activism. In the past year and a half, we have participated in hundreds of flyerings, banner drops, rallies, and other forms of political action. I’m proud of what has been accomplished, and this is only the beginning.

As Nathan has said, there are many challenges ahead, but we cannot waver. We are against an establishment with seemingly limitless power and hatred for us. We live in a time of growing consciousness among our people, who only wait for guidance and leadership for the future. Professionals, programmers, lawyers, designers, and other leaders are joining our ranks and being developed from within. Identity Evropa will be at the forefront of this great awakening among our people.

Nathan’s torch has been passed, it’s now your time, my time, our time. We come from a great and proud people who have conquered continents, space, and the very building blocks of life. Our flame grows ever upwards. Identity Evropa will light this torch and ignite our people’s hearts and minds.

Onwards, upwards!

In Victory,
Eli Mosley