While tensions about immigration run high amid Trump’s attempts to secure funding for a border wall, members of Identity Evropa demonstrated outside Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office at 11 a.m. this past Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019, condemning the mayor’s sanctuary policies and demanding that President Trump build a wall on the country’s southern border by any means necessary.

Approximately 40 activists held flags, letters spelling “Hey Rahm” and banners saying “No sanctuary/No asylum/No citizenship” and “You Failed! Make Chicago safe again!”

Patrick Casey, executive director of Identity Evropa, spoke at the event, telling the crowd that, “Instead of addressing the violence in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel focuses on blocking federal immigration authorities from doing their jobs, which ensures that illegal invaders are allowed to roam free.”

“Mass immigration, both illegal and legal, is threatening to permanently erase everything that once made America great,” he said.

Identity Evropa is an identitarian organization that engages in lawful, non-violent activism to create displays of resistance against mass immigration, progressivism, and globalism. While the left-wing SPLC has labeled us a “hate group,” we explicitly reject extremism, political violence, and supremacism in all forms. Our group currently has approximately 800 members.

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