Amnesty Protest at the White House

September 25, 2017By Patrick Casey

Identity Evropa activists, in conjunction with Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer, protested against amnesty on Saturday outside of the White House. CEO Eli Mosley took the opportunity to express his concerns and frustrations with the current administration, as Trump has failed to deliver on the promises made during his campaign.

The event concluded with demonstrators tossing their Trump hats toward the White House, signaling an end to Identity Evropa’s support for President Trump – unless, that is, his administration decides to follow through on making America great again.

Identity Evropa supports an immigration policy prioritizing secure borders, net neutral immigration, and high-achieving immigrants of European descent. If the United States fails to adopt these measures, our country will cease to be a bastion of innovation and advancement, and instead devolve into ethnic conflict, welfare parasitism, and left-wing authoritarianism.

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Identity Evropa Activists Protest Pro-Illegal Immigrant Event in Miami

August 3, 2017By Patrick Casey

On Wednesday night, Identity Evropa protested a screening of the film The Deportation of Innocence and the following panel discussion hosted by The Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, The Florida Immigrant Coalition, the South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice, and the Global Peace Film Festival in Miami. These organizations advocate for the disastrous “sanctuary city” policy, which encourages city and county governments to illegally ignore the lawful deportation orders of federal immigration authorities.

Sanctuary cities ignore federal law authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to administratively deport illegal aliens. In addition, the groups specifically provide legal advice for illegal immigrants on how to avoid their deportation.

Mass immigration and open border policies increase crime, overwhelm our infrastructure and welfare system, and alter America's historical demographics. Moreover, by sending a signal to illegal immigrants that no consequences will result from illegally crossing our border, a pulling effect is created, causing more economic migrants to abandon their homes, families, and communities to come to America. Mass migration harms the community in both the migrant’s home country and America.

Only a policy of remigration can repair the damages done to both countries. As such, Identity Evropa peacefully displayed a banner as a symbol of resistance toward mass migration and open borders. Only by securing our borders can we all secure our futures.

Press Release Atlanta: Identity Evropa calls for an end to Immigration

June 20, 2017By Identity Evropa

Identity Evropa activists unveiled a banner today at the Jackson Street bridge in Atlanta, Georgia as part of a nation-wide outreach campaign. Identity Evropa is the fastest growing Identitarian organization in North America and has established chapters in every major metropolitan area in the United States. Mass legal immigration in America is the result of the failed 1965 Immigration Act that has been extraordinarily harmful to our nation culturally, economically & politically. The American people are being replaced in the nation their European ancestors founded and built. We refuse to be replaced by policies that exploit people from impoverished, non-European nations as cheap labor for globalist greed. This message is to the politicians that turn a blind eye or actively promote Euro-American dispossession: YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US.

Operation Tunnel Rats

June 19, 2017By Identity Evropa

Operation Tunnel Rats began to take shape when we discovered the Freedom of Expression Tunnel at North Carolina State University, a place where anyone could express themselves in any manner they saw fit. We gathered our supplies; spray paint, paint rollers, tape, respirators, backpacks, and cameras. One of our local members designed a stencil that could be folded like an accordion into a small square that fit in the palm of your hand, but unfolded when in use, requiring three people to hold. Spending the last week obtaining the material and reviewing our plans, we worked out the details for a quick maneuver.

We gathered at the meeting site prior to departure to go over everything one last time. Once the crew was fully present, we set about packing the gear and the vehicles with all the materials required for the operation.  Driving to the site was an adventure in and of itself. A motorcyclist laid his bike down in front of us and we pulled over to provide aid. Our medic was quick to ensure that the driver was in good health, and after discovering that he had only suffered some bruising, we turned the situation to the other cyclists in his party and went about our way. If ever anyone was to question the heart and caring of this organization, our actions speak louder than words.

We continued down the road in the quiet, still air of the Carolina night. Our dark path only interrupted by the emerging skyline of Raleigh, the capitol of North Carolina. The excitement was mounting as the men began to prepare themselves mentally for the operation we had prepared so hard for. Only now, on the crest of the moment, did we begin to understand the impact our message was about to have.

We arrived on campus and made our way through the parking lot down to the Tunnel entrance. Without hesitation, we set about marking the boundaries of the projected stencils with painters-tape and spray paint. The Tunnel was half a football field long, and we needed to mark both sides for the operation. The amount of materials required was significant. With swift precision, the parameters of the first layer of paint were set out.

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NPI 2016

November 29, 2016By Identity Evropa

The National Policy Institute’s 2016 Become Who You Are winter conference was perhaps the most eventful of its kind. There was great optimism and excitement among the attendees. The media showed in force to cover the conference with news outlets from all over the world present. There was also a renewed leftist assault against our message resulting from Donald Trump’s win on November 8. It cannot be denied that we, the Alternative Right, are a presence in national political conversation. We have, without a doubt, “made it.”

The weekend started with intensity. After having two venues cancel on us for our dinner Friday night, we had the third location stormed by no fewer than fifty antifa goons. They terrorized the staff and patrons trying to get to our room on the second floor. NPI president Richard Spencer, Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo, and others confronted the violent, anti-white mob. Richard was sprayed with some sort of foul smelling liquid forcing him to shed his suit jacket and shirt. Richard, ever unflappable and clad only in his suit vest from the waist up, continued the event unfazed. The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia was little to no help during the incident. Rather than do their jobs and quell the protesters, they asked the restaurant to kick us out, a request which the restaurant refused. A true case of anarcho-tyranny in action.

On Saturday, conference attendees were met by more protesters. Emily Youcis and an unnamed cameraman for Red Ice TV tried to speak with some of them. They were met with nothing but shouting and anti-white epithets from the anti-dialogical crowd. The antifa came fully prepared to use violence and eventually grabbed the cameraman’s phone from his hand. When the cameraman reached to try to get it back he was assaulted by several protesters, thrown to the ground, and, ultimately, ended up in the hospital where he received stitches. Of course there has been very limited media coverage of this assault. Emily was also sprayed with something similar to what was used on Spencer the night before. Both Emily and her cameraman displayed commendable courage in facing such a large and aggressive crowd.

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No Sanction

October 24, 2016By Identity Evropa

In times of honor, character is doing the right thing when no one is looking. We live, however, in radically degenerate times, and in the current year, character is now doing the right thing when EVERYONE is looking. In defiance of the ongoing mass corruption and degeneracy, Identitarians stood together on Pier 14 in San Francisco at the exact location where a woman was murdered by an illegal foreign national several months ago. Her killer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, had been deported to his nation of origin on 5 separate occasions. The prevailing anarcho-tyranny , a system where capitalists ensure laws easily enforced remain disregarded through political campaign financing, continues to mount casualties across the nation and throughout The West.

Such a political system as this is upheld through the employment of thought terrorism against the European majority by corporate America. Individuals who publicly critique the system of mass immigration are tarred as xenophobes, or worse, racists. Once labeled, the corporate oligopoly is capable of economically destroying dissenters, ensuring that the flow of legal as well as illegal immigrants that fuel their slave labor quotas remains unhindered. Those who are aware and remain silent, or whose minds are simply too polluted with Cultural Marxist propaganda, are rewarded with the increasing costs of housing, dysfunctional multicultural communities, massive student loan debts, overcrowded cities and neighborhoods, mass depression, a collapsing middle class, broken families, and destruction of the biosphere through the mass consumption required to fuel global overpopulation. Even those in the tech industry who believed their jobs were secure are now finding them outsourced to legal modern day slaves in the form of H-1b visas. Only those in power remain relatively unaffected in their pasty-white country clubs that act essentially as micro ethno-states for the opulent.

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October 2, 2016By Identity Evropa

Our postering campaign is the beginning of a long term cultural war of attrition against academia's Cultural Marxist narrative that is maintained and propagated into society through the indoctrination of the future managerial class. If we are to be successful in combating the current paradigm, it is imperative that we create space for our ideas at universities across the country. Speaking with students and helping them unpack some of their assumptions while gaining name recognition for our organizations are the ways in which we will create the foundation for that space. As students then begin to realize that the direction their lectures take them is based upon false assumptions by their instructors, they will begin rejecting the false narratives and begin looking to us for answers.

We have found that many students are open minded and willing to speak with us. Opening dialogue is fairly simple. By approaching students with basic questions we build rapport as well as discover where he stands on the basic issues. Knowing a student’s general outlook allows us to begin unpacking the assumptions he's harboring. A student leaning towards right wing political ideology may be approached from the standpoint of immigration and how it effects the issues important to him. Gun control, free speech, small government and low taxes are all effected by both legal and illegal immigration. Furthermore, pointing out that these are all parts of white American culture not shared by the rest of the world help develop a new sense of identity. On the flip side, a left leaning student who is concerned with universal health coverage, global warming, and community cohesion can be educated about how diversity destroys social currency, and mass immigration into first world nations only increases our massive carbon output.

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Opening Dialogue: San Diego State University

September 11, 2016By Identity Evropa

Last Wednesday members of Identity Evropa spoke with students at San Diego State University. Many of the students were open to speaking with our members, who were able to have several long and meaningful conversations. Students were challenged by our guardians to confront their assumptions about race, culture, society, and identity. They were not only exposed to new ideas, but also to our new organization. Those who took part recall how the day went in the latest episode of On The Front 
(SoundCloud has since deleted our account.)

Detroit Republicans and the RNC

August 5, 2016By Identity Evropa

Recently I travelled to Cleveland to take part in what would be a historical event as Donald J. Trump was nominated the Republican Party nominee. His coronation has already signaled a major shift in the Republican party's platform on border policy, and it was important that the Alt-Right have a presence at the convention. I was unsure what to expect with BLM shutting down freeways across the country police being gunned down in the streets , Trump supporters being assaulted by violent mobs of Bernie Sanders supporters, andterrorist attacks across the West , there was really no telling what could happen.
I was delayed in Chicago and did not make it into Cleveland until 4 in the morning. Exhausted with only a few hours of sleep I made my way to the Citizens for Trump rally being held at Settler’s Landing. While waiting to livestream the event for Red Ice Radio, I ran into a Martin Gelin, a Swedish journalist for Dagens Nyheter who has been covering the rise of the Alt-Right, as well as that of Donald Trump. I agreed to a live interview with him for the journal’s Facebook page knowing I would be able to reach many Swedish people who are dealing with the same issues we are but who are in many ways terrified to publicly speak about them.

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Fash The City

July 6, 2016By Identity Evropa

On July 3rd, Identity Evropa launched a nation-wide flier campaign to promote European identity and solidarity. Our members participated in 17 cities across the country posting fliers that were seen by hundreds of people in the streets, and tens of thousands on social media.

Those who took part can be proud in what they have collectively achieved. We have accomplished multiple goals. On social media we have received hundreds of new followers and our ranks are more energized than ever before. We are gaining name recognition in a positive way. Indeed, the haters are making us famous. Experience has been gained by activists who will in turn train others as we continue to grow. Many individuals who saw these fliers have contacted us to inquire more about our message and to comment on how beautiful they were. We have also received many new applications for membership, as many individuals have been impressed by the level of coordination it took; not just to pull this off, but to do so with style.

 This is how seeds are planted and revolutions are made. It is long past time that we embraced our future and manifested our own destiny. That entails being proactive. It means opening up space to normalize our ideas. Providing a vision to the masses of a more beautiful world that could be theirs to gain we captivate and inspire. Action calls for and inspires more action. In a high-speed world people are looking for something new and fresh. Let’s give it to them.