Last Saturday, Identity Evropa members went to a nearby beach to engage in some environmental activism. The brief event was floated as a casual suggestion between members midway through the week, and within minutes a number of members had already volunteered.

Attendees gathered at the beginning of the pier, distributed gloves and bags, and then coordinated a wide sweep down the beach until they reached the end of the sand. Items removed included twine, plastic, rope, broken glass, paper and plastic bags.

Afterwards, Identity Evropa members gathered at a local eatery to sift through photos of what was found, discuss what went well and what did not, coordinate future outings at other local beaches, and, of course, enjoy food among good friends.

A core aspect of Identitarianism is the connection between a people and their land. In order to ensure the health and prosperity of future generations, we believe it is essential to respect and care for our planet. And in an age where the Earth is exploited and polluted for the benefit of international elites, environmental activism is as necessary as ever.

Moreover, proponents of mass immigration recklessly propose that all of the global poor be allowed to enter Western nations and enjoy Western lifestyles – lifestyles, which, as we all know, leave a heavy environmental footprint.

A better life, a better planet, and a better future all start with you. If you’re interested in joining Identity Evropa, we encourage you to fill out an application here.