On Wednesday night, Identity Evropa protested a screening of the film The Deportation of Innocence and the following panel discussion hosted by The Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, The Florida Immigrant Coalition, the South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice, and the Global Peace Film Festival in Miami. These organizations advocate for the disastrous “sanctuary city” policy, which encourages city and county governments to illegally ignore the lawful deportation orders of federal immigration authorities.

Sanctuary cities ignore federal law authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to administratively deport illegal aliens. In addition, the groups specifically provide legal advice for illegal immigrants on how to avoid their deportation.

Mass immigration and open border policies increase crime, overwhelm our infrastructure and welfare system, and alter America's historical demographics. Moreover, by sending a signal to illegal immigrants that no consequences will result from illegally crossing our border, a pulling effect is created, causing more economic migrants to abandon their homes, families, and communities to come to America. Mass migration harms the community in both the migrant’s home country and America.

Only a policy of remigration can repair the damages done to both countries. As such, Identity Evropa peacefully displayed a banner as a symbol of resistance toward mass migration and open borders. Only by securing our borders can we all secure our futures.