While the nation watches to see whether Trump will declare a national emergency and build a border wall, Identity Evropa activists held a number of actions in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019.

At 10:00 AM, in front of This Is The Place Monument, 25 protesters held a large banner reading “Defend the Rockies/End Immigration” and set off red, white and blue smoke flares. Executive Director Patrick Casey spoke to the crowd, calling for an end to globalism, progressivism, and neoliberalism.

Shortly thereafter, activists from Identity Evropa unfurled a banner over a local bridge that read “Make America Beautiful Again,” a pro-environmental message. Identitarianism posits that a healthy environment is necessary for a healthy nation.

Identity Evropa activists reconvened at the Block U at 1:45 PM, where they scaled the hill and deployed smoke flares and a banner that read “Stop the Invasion/End Immigration.”

Later, Identity Evropa activists placed flyers advocating European-American identity around the University of Utah campus.

Identity Evropa, an American identitarian organization, has been in the news in Salt Lake City in recent months for putting up flyers and stickers advertising our presence and encouraging applications. The University of Utah publicly condemned its sticker and flyer campaign as “promoting a white supremacist group,” even though we do not accept the advocacy of or participation in supremacy, violence, or illegal activity.

As stated publicly on our website, the purpose of our activism is “to create peaceful yet visual displays of defiance against mass immigration and globalization.”

The demonstration in Utah this past Saturday is the last stop of a multi-state “Defend the Rockies” campaign by the group, with previous protests occurring in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. The Utah event’s organizer, Deluca Taylor, says he was inspired to hold the event to draw attention to “the alarming influx of mass immigration flowing into the rocky mountain region” and to counter the negative news coverage of Identity Evropa by having a peaceful demonstration against immigration in Salt Lake City.

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