On Friday, November 9th, 2018, Identity Evropa activists from across the nation assembled in Denver, Colorado to answer the organization’s latest national call to action: DEFEND THE ROCKIES! Throughout the Veterans Day holiday weekend, DEFEND THE ROCKIES activists enjoyed an action-packed weekend of fellowship, hiking, nature, activism, and speeches in the heart of the Colorado Front Range.Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region embody a deeply rooted pioneering heritage. This pioneer spirit can be traced back to the sons and daughters of Europe who settled and forged this great western frontier. Beginning with Spanish conquistadors; to further discovery by French fur traders, Pierre and Paul Mallet; to Sir Alexander MacKenzie’s historic crossing of the Rocky Mountains; the Lewis and Clark Expedition; then Benjamin Bonneville’s wagon train passing; and later the heavily-traveled Oregon Trail, American men and women of European heritage demonstrated the vigor and determination of our people by settling these lands and bringing with them Western Civilization’s liberty, spirit, and quality of life. In this era when the West’s self-confidence has been sacrificed on the altar of forced multiculturalism, Identity Evropa both reminds us of America’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and urges us to reclaim that spirit. The organization works to bring identitarianism into the public consciousness through visual displays & peaceful acts of public defiance, while growing a high-trust national community capable of igniting a new destiny for our homeland—from sea to shining sea.

Identity Evropa’s national and regional leadership—along with financial sponsors—greeted the activists on Friday evening with an energetic reception and welcome speeches. On Saturday morning, Identity Evropa’s Executive Director, Patrick Casey, led a hike up the magnificent trails of Eldorado Canyon State Park, reaching a summit lookout of the Continental Divide. The brisk, sunny morning provided the perfect environment as the identitarian group demonstrated its commitment to physical fitness, fraternity, and environmental conservation. Following the hike, members dropped a banner from the park’s famous walking bridge with a message for onlookers: “Make America Beautiful Again”. On Saturday evening, Mr. Casey and members of the Advisory Council held a private outing with members of the Patron program (Identity Evropa’s internal donor’s program) to discuss organizational matters and rekindle friendly ties. Afterwards, Identity Evropa celebrated Veterans Day at DEFEND THE ROCKIES by hosting a special ceremony for the organization’s military veterans. These identitarian men who honorably served our great nation were individually recognized and given an opportunity to share some of their experiences with the group. Saturday night then closed with motivational speeches by Identity Evropa’s leadership.

DEFEND THE ROCKIES activists were greeted to a tranquil Sunday morning of Rocky Mountain snowfall. The glistening snow served as the perfect backdrop as Mr. Casey led a demonstration advocating for a patriotic immigration policy in Civic Center Park in the heart of downtown Denver. Mr. Casey gave an emotional public address standing in front of a host of U.S., Colorado, & Identity Evropa flags as well as a banner with the message: “Defend the Rockies – End Immigration”.

If you support Identity Evropa, we strongly encourage you to join us or make a donation. It’s up to us to create a better world for our people, and we can’t do it without your support!