Identity Evropa activists recently hosted a private speaking event on a college campus in Southern California.

The event, titled “A Brighter Future,” was organized by Identity Evropa with the aim of testing their local activists’ ability to host a successful public function, with the more ambitious objective of hosting larger events in the future. By all accounts, this goal was reached. The event was successful, bringing in 40-50 attendees solely through word of mouth, and a large number of locals from the Southern California region combined their energy and resources to make the event a reality.

Attendees were greeted at the door with a custom brochure containing the event’s program, stickers, fliers, and refreshments. While the event was free of charge, donations were encouraged to help cover the costs, in fact, a good portion of the expenses were recouped through the generous donations of supporters and attendees.

The event began with the MC, a local IE Coordinator, welcoming the crowd and playing a short video created by another IE member titled “Who We Are.” The video was a hit, and drew enthusiastic praise from the audience.

Our MC then launched into his speech focused on “Apathy and Political Engagement”. This was followed by a another IE member who delivered a talk addressing his experiences in the White Nationalist movement before the advent of the Alt-Right, and his perspectives on the way forward. Fittingly, this was followed by a 19-year-old member who detailed his experiences as a member of Generation Z in the Internet Age, predicting more and more awakened youth will be seen getting off their computers and into the streets. After this came a more scholarly presentation by another local member titled “Ancestry and the Importance of Heredity,” which detailed the accomplishments and heritage of our ancestors, as well as suggestions for moving forward. The capstone speaker was a Texas IE member who delivered a variation of his excellent speech that went viral earlier this year, “White People: Trending Toward Extinction.” Each speech was followed by a question and answer portion that allowed the speaker to elaborate on key points of interest to the audience.

Following a brief intermission, a panel discussion between the speakers and audience was presented. Some of the topics of discussion included the speakers’ opinion of the best short term goals for local members, reaching out to friends, women in the movement, and best tactics for activism in our local community. After the completion of the event, most of the attendees went to a local restaurant for dinner and fellowship.

Frequent, local conferences play an important role in Identity Evropa’s mission. Whereas national and international conferences are great for networking across great distances, events at the local level reinforce group cohesion, encourage locals from the greater Alt-Right community to join Identity Evropa, and offer individuals the chance to improve their organizational skills and oration.

Events like this are taking place all across the country. If you’re interested in joining Identity Evropa, we encourage you to fill out an application here.