November 22, 2018By Patrick Casey

On Friday, November 9th, 2018, Identity Evropa activists from across the nation assembled in Denver, Colorado to answer the organization’s latest national call to action: DEFEND THE ROCKIES! Throughout the Veterans Day holiday weekend, DEFEND THE ROCKIES activists enjoyed an action-packed weekend of fellowship, hiking, nature, activism, and speeches in the heart of the Colorado Front Range.Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region embody a deeply rooted pioneering heritage. This pioneer spirit can be traced back to the sons and daughters of Europe who settled and forged this great western frontier. Beginning with Spanish conquistadors; to further discovery by French fur traders, Pierre and Paul Mallet; to Sir Alexander MacKenzie’s historic crossing of the Rocky Mountains; the Lewis and Clark Expedition; then Benjamin Bonneville’s wagon train passing; and later the heavily-traveled Oregon Trail, American men and women of European heritage demonstrated the vigor and determination of our people by settling these lands and bringing with them Western Civilization’s liberty, spirit, and quality of life. In this era when the West’s self-confidence has been sacrificed on the altar of forced multiculturalism, Identity Evropa both reminds us of America’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and urges us to reclaim that spirit. The organization works to bring identitarianism into the public consciousness through visual displays & peaceful acts of public defiance, while growing a high-trust national community capable of igniting a new destiny for our homeland—from sea to shining sea.

Identity Evropa’s national and regional leadership—along with financial sponsors—greeted the activists on Friday evening with an energetic reception and welcome speeches. On Saturday morning, Identity Evropa’s Executive Director, Patrick Casey, led a hike up the magnificent trails of Eldorado Canyon State Park, reaching a summit lookout of the Continental Divide. The brisk, sunny morning provided the perfect environment as the identitarian group demonstrated its commitment to physical fitness, fraternity, and environmental conservation. Following the hike, members dropped a banner from the park’s famous walking bridge with a message for onlookers: “Make America Beautiful Again”. On Saturday evening, Mr. Casey and members of the Advisory Council held a private outing with members of the Patron program (Identity Evropa’s internal donor’s program) to discuss organizational matters and rekindle friendly ties. Afterwards, Identity Evropa celebrated Veterans Day at DEFEND THE ROCKIES by hosting a special ceremony for the organization’s military veterans. These identitarian men who honorably served our great nation were individually recognized and given an opportunity to share some of their experiences with the group. Saturday night then closed with motivational speeches by Identity Evropa’s leadership.

DEFEND THE ROCKIES activists were greeted to a tranquil Sunday morning of Rocky Mountain snowfall. The glistening snow served as the perfect backdrop as Mr. Casey led a demonstration advocating for a patriotic immigration policy in Civic Center Park in the heart of downtown Denver. Mr. Casey gave an emotional public address standing in front of a host of U.S., Colorado, & Identity Evropa flags as well as a banner with the message: “Defend the Rockies – End Immigration”.

If you support Identity Evropa, we strongly encourage you to join us or make a donation. It’s up to us to create a better world for our people, and we can’t do it without your support!

Freedom Of Speech? Not in New York! – Responding to Governor Cuomo

September 21, 2018By Identity Evropa

Over the summer, Identity Evropa postered at dozens of public universities and public places in New York and New Jersey. Most notably, dozens of activists took part in our Defend Identity protest actions at the Mexican consulate in Manhattan and at Fort Tryon Park. We took a stand for the historical identity of the United States, and in retaliation, Governor Cuomo opened a probe into the usage of our posters and our undoubtedly peaceful activity in the region.

Make no mistake. Our view is, and the law is clear, that endeavors like this are petty attempts at political intimidation.

Identity Evropa activists have responded with a new wave of posters across New York, identifying Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attempt to silence and suppress our First Amendment rights to freely assemble and engage in political speech. Members throughout the state, from Long Island all the way to Rochester mobilized to let Governor Cuomo know that he will not silence us. While other ethnic groups can flourish without scrutiny, it is only European Americans which are routinely scrutinized and demonized for promoting the interests of their own nation and civilization.


European Americans are being replaced as a result of mass immigration and globalization. We stand in opposition and for the restoration of America. If you are ready to take a stand, join us by applying for membership or supporting our work.

Defend Identity

August 9, 2018By Identity Evropa

Over the last weekend in July, a large cadre of Identity Evropa activists gathered for an identitarian campaign in New York City. Stopping off first at the Mexican Consulate in Manhattan, our activists carried construction gear and rallied against the Mexican government’s active role in furthering illegal immigration and destructive globalist trade policy in North America. An even larger group carried a massive banner into Fort Tryon reading “Stop The Invasion” for a spectacular banner drop. Of course, the weekend was not complete without a private speaking engagement from Executive Director Patrick Casey that focused on the importance of deep involvement in our cause and the various ways for Identity Evropa members to further their involvement in the renewal of America. Our wildly successful actions led to an international incident as the Mexican Government complained to the American State Department about our activities, likely making President Trump himself aware of our demonstrations.

Stop The Caravan & Build The Wall!

August 9, 2018By Identity Evropa

On May 20th, Identity Evropa activists paid a visit to the San Diego-Tijuana border – the same location where the illegal caravan arrived – to demand that Congress stops impeding Trump’s agenda and acts to secure our southern border!

Save The Boer!

August 9, 2018By Identity Evropa

On Saturday, April 21, Identity Evropa activists paid a visit to the South African embassy in Washington, D.C., to demonstrate against the ongoing murder of White South African farmers.

Since 1994, thousands of Boer farmers have been murdered in deliberate attacks. Often, these attacks will be incredibly grotesque and brutal, frequently involving rape, torture, and many other horrible acts.

Despite the frequency and brutality of these attacks, the plight of white South African farmers remains a topic not spoken of in the mainstream. We must not let their murders go untold.


Purdue Profits From Death

August 9, 2018By Identity Evropa

On March 14th, Identity Evropa activists paid a visit to Purdue Pharma’s headquarters in Stamford, CT, to demonstrate against the corporation’s role in our country’s opioid crisis – a crisis that kills more than 115 Americans every day.

For those unaware, Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty in 2007 to “criminal charges that they misled regulators, doctors and patients about the drug’s risk of addiction and its potential to be abused.”

Drug overdoses (mostly opioids) killed roughly 64,000 Americans in 2017, which is a 21% increase from 2016. This means that more Americans died due to drug overdoses in 2017 than died during the entire Vietnam War. This crisis disproportionately affects working class White Americans – the only demographic in America with an increasing death rate, which is a phenomenon rarely seen outside of war or famine.

To make things worse, these same White Americans are now watching as their country is rendered unrecognizable due to mass immigration.

We demand reform, or America will be lost.

European Roots, American Greatness

August 9, 2018By Identity Evropa

Early this March, around 60 Identity Evropa activists gathered for an explosive identitarian flash demonstration at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. Our banner read: European Roots, American Greatness and Patrick Casey led our group with an impassioned speech on the current status of the United States, restoring the traditional American nation, and bringing our people – European Americans – into a brighter future. Many activists carried American and Identity Evropa flags, while others lit flares or ignited smoke canisters. Chants included the Identity Evropa classic “One People, One Nation, End Immigration!” and “Make America Great Again!” to signal a new step for the American identitarian movement.

Leading Our People Forward 2018

August 9, 2018By Identity Evropa


On March 8th and 9th, some 150 Identity Evropa members and select guests gathered at a private location for our first, phenomenal, national conference themed Leading Our People Forward. With no protesters and no outside media, attendees enjoyed a Friday evening reception and opening remarks from Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Identity Evropa Executive Director Patrick Casey. Saturday morning featured more refreshments and focused presentations led by IE’s Activism Department. Several State Coordinators and local activists spoke about replicating their successes and sharpening our movement. Later, half of the conference stood for a group photo before James Allsup sat down with Patrick Casey for an interview on defining the American Identitarian movement and Identity Evropa’s central place in this metapolitical landscape. As dinner concluded, James Allsup addressed the conference on reoccupying existing political structures for our purpose. A lifelong advocate for our people, Sam Dickson spoke on the topics of our movement’s goals and a core foundation: loyalty. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and New Century Foundation then spoke on similar elements and tenets of our movement. Patrick Casey concluded the evening with a rousing speech on the legitimacy of the American Identitarian formulation. These speeches are cataloged on our Youtube channel.

CPAC 2018

February 27, 2018By Patrick Casey

Identity Evropa members attended this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Hosted at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland, the event featured many noteworthy figures, including Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

I attended CPAC with another member of Identity Evropa leadership on Friday. After we arrived, we met up with other IE members throughout the day. Some traveled alone; others attended the conference with their fellow College Republicans; and a few were there in a professional capacity.

We spent the day meeting people, handing out Identity Evropa business cards, and discussing Identitarianism with conservatives. Thanks largely to the Left’s anti-White rhetoric and blatant unwillingness to tolerate any restrictions on immigration, CPAC attendees were quite interested in what we had to say. While some did, of course, reject Identitarianism due to it being “collectivist,” these disagreements were civil and infrequent. And those who objected to our ideas were unable to tell me when minorities were going to begin flocking to conservatism, or if right-wing politics would be electorally viable with a non-White majority.

Some of the speakers, most notably Marion Le Pen, did focus on issues like immigration and national identity. However, CPAC was defined predominantly by concerns over economic issues – taxes in particular. Thankfully, younger attendees disliked this, and instead wanted to hear about more Trumpian things, like immigration and the wall. This is a good sign, because while these issues are not exclusively Identitarian, mulling over them for long enough will surely lead one to Identitarian conclusions.

Although Identity Evropa is not a political organization, I strongly encourage our members to become active in politics. This can take many forms, including joining the College Republicans or running for local office. Trump has given us an opportunity to transform the GOP from a vehicle for Conservatism Inc. to one for Nationalism, and it’s up to us to seize the opportunity.

While it’s unlikely that the GOP will become an explicitly Identitarian party anytime soon, there is hope for it to become non-interventionist, protectionist, immigration restrictionist, etc. – all good things for Americans of European heritage, even if they’re not explicitly marketed as such.

If you, too, long for a better future for people of European heritage, we invite you to apply to our organization or donate to help us grow.

Public Service Announcement

January 30, 2018By Identity Evropa

Identity Evropa activists conducted a public service announcement today, warning those heading into the city of San Francisco from the Bay Bridge that they are entering a “sanctuary city.” These belligerent cities harbor dangerous criminals who are not only in the United States illegally, but are often released from jail or prison after committing violent crimes without being deported. It is essential that those traveling into such lawless municipalities are made aware of the danger they and their loved ones are facing.

The recent murder of Kate Steinle and the subsequent, disturbing acquittal of her murderer who was previously convicted of seven felonies and deported on five different occasions leaves us with a responsibility to act. Those in power are indifferent to the suffering of victims at the hands of these criminals. They and their associates benefit far too greatly from unchecked and unregulated immigration to enforce federal law.

The murder of Kate Steinle is not an isolated act. Across the country, tens of thousands of people have been negatively impacted by illegal aliens, and so called “sanctuary cities” have become anarchic zones where criminals are allowed to roam free. Identity Evropa will continue to notify American citizens in order to protect basic public health and safety.