Jefferson Memorial Demonstration

By Eli Mosley

October 7, 2017

Today, Identity Evropa, along with other pro-American activists, demonstrated in front of the Thomas Jefferson monument in Washington, D.C. The primary purpose of the event was to stand up against the growing culture of antipathy towards historical American figures, who are being increasingly targeted by anti-White activists. There is a growing sentiment among mainstream political commentators that American symbols – from our flag, to our monuments, to the founding fathers – are irredeemably tainted by “Whiteness” and thus must be sacrificed at the altar of diversity. Moreover, it is declared by the Left that our symbols must be supplanted by more “tolerant” replacements – meaning, of course, those in line with the Left’s revolutionary, anti-White agenda.

We absolutely reject this absurdity. We refuse to allow these monuments that symbolize our heritage to be carried away under the cover of darkness and without resistance. We understand that the attacks on our monuments are but one front in a much greater culture war – a war that threatens our very existence as a people.

The event in Washington, D.C. this afternoon will not be the last by any means. In August, during an interview with The Huffington Post, I warned the reporter that confederate monuments were only the beginning; soon enough, the Left would set its sights on our founders, such as Thomas Jefferson. I was met with derisive laughter as the reporter informed me that they had no such objectives. Three days later, anarchist tyrants desecrated the statue of Thomas Jefferson on UVA’s campus, a school Jefferson himself founded. This act exposed “Antifa’s” true intention: the complete destruction of European-American history and its physical representations.

Identity Evropa will not stand by idly while our people are systemically delegitimized, demonized, demoralized, and demographically dispossessed. The existence of our people is non-negotiable.

If you, too, long for a better future for people of European heritage, we invite you to apply to our organization or donate to help us grow.

Identity Evropa would like to thank the D.C. Police Department for doing a fine job of ensuring that this demonstration was allowed to happen peacefully, as we intended. Perhaps the D.C. Police could teach Charlottesville a thing or two about how to maintain law, order, and safety.