This Friday, May 6th, Identity Evropa will be engaging students at UC Berkeley about the topic of race. We will be setting up a safe space on campus to have this discussion, as we know it can be awkward and somewhat uncomfortable to have. Our intention is to answer any and all questions from students regarding how race affects People of European Heritage.

For too long dialogue about race has been suppressed by activist professors and students who have intimidated their fellow colleagues and cohort alike. Such antidialogical action has created an anti-white atmosphere in the nations leading educational institutions. Serious misunderstandings about race and positive European identity have been allowed to circulate as a result, failing the students who attend these universities.

We will be joined by Richard Spencer of National Policy Institute, making our first serious public engagement a momentous occasion. Richard is no stranger to controversy and his experience will be invaluable. This event marks the beginning of a long overdue change, and we look forward to making a positive difference by reigniting the dialogue about these issues.